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Why Supply Chain Integration?

From concept to customer satisfaction, the efficiency of your supply chain can make or break your business. At World Class Industries we don't just build efficient supply chains, we are a partner and a supply chain integration specialist. This means we:

  • Are a resource and direct material supplier
  • Work to provide solutions that offer proven value
  • Utilize advanced processes and technology
  • Offer global locations to manage, store, track and ship inventory
  • Manage, consolidate and work directly with suppliers
  • Save you time, space and money

In the end, you have the quality products you've always produced, now created with more efficiency and cost savings. Call World Class Industries today to see how our experience can benefit you!

Are You Kitting Me?


When our customer found themselves with a 95-component, 183 piece kit that comes with 36 different suppliers to manage. . . they knew there had to be a better way! WCI offered pre-assembly of kits, managed all supplier and inventory, and did so with an efficient process that reduced inventory and hassle while proving tremendous short and long-term costs savings.

Did You Know?


WCI has 5 locations in the United States and two International Hubs (Germany & UK) to serve local and international needs. Where would you like to see World Class Industries located? Contact us today if there is a need and location you think should be considered!

Decisions, Drones + $2 Mil in Inventory Reduction
World Class Industries earns recognition as a John...


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Mittwoch, 27. Januar 2021

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