JANUARY 6, 2015

World Class Industries earns recognition as a John Deere "Partner-level Supplier" and Hall of Fame Supplier

Hiawatha, IA – World Class Industries has earned recognition as a Partner-level supplier for 2015 and was inducted into the Supplier Hall of Fame in the John Deere Achieving Excellence Program. Hall of Fame status is given after a supplier attains a Partner-level rating for five consecutive years.The Partner-level status is Deere & Company's highest supplier rating.

World Class Industries is a supply chain integration specialist and works as a resource and direct supplier for John Deere. The company was selected for the honor in recognition of its dedication to providing products and service of outstanding quality as well as its commitment to continuous improvement.

Suppliers who participate in the Achieving Excellence program are evaluated annually in several key performance categories, including quality, cost management, delivery, technical support and wavelength, which is a measure of responsiveness. John Deere Supply Management created the program in 1991 to provide a supplier evaluation and feedback process that promotes continuous improvement.

World Class Industries is a global leader in supply chain integration, serving as a resource and direct supplier to the world's largest original equipment manufacturers. They are known for offering innovative solutions that work to eliminate production problems, enhance overall efficiency and result in cost reduction and overall satisfaction. With five U.S. locations and two international hubs in Germany and the United Kingdom, World Class Industries has celebrated over 50 years of success in the industry.For more information, contact World Class Industries corporate office by phone (319) 378-1766 or via